Creating Caring Communities: We are CarePartners

Creating Caring Communities: We are CarePartners

Today, there are 7 family caregivers to one family member living with an age related illness or memory loss, most predominately Alzheimer’s or related Dementia. This statistic will decrease tremendously within the next 10-15 years to 4 family caregivers to one family member in need of care, which presents a startling demand for caregiving. More than ever, volunteer caregiving organizations will continue to see an increase in need for services to reduce the stress and burden of family caregivers and their loved ones.

For more than 31 years, CarePartners continues to address the immense need for sufficient family caregiving through our Care Team® Model throughout the Greater Houston and Waco, TX areas. Our model recruits, trains and organizes volunteers into teams that deliver transformative programs benefiting family caregivers, their loved ones and individuals. Our Care Team® Model has been shared across the county and replicated by other volunteer caregiving organizations that are committed to strengthen the Care Movement.

CarePartners’ mission is to provide education, support and resources for caregivers and quality care for individuals living with memory loss and other challenges of aging. A cornerstone of CarePartners’ work is our progressive and valued partnerships. Our partnership model entails working side by side faith-based, nonprofit and business communities to provide programs for vulnerable and weak populations. CarePartners dedicates a significant amount of time building meaningful relationships and connections with partners that have similar missions to provide family caregivers and their loved ones with emotional support, assistance to maintain their loved ones’ independence for as long as possible and educational tools and resources to improve their quality of life over time. Because of our partnerships, volunteers and generous supporters, CarePartners is able to provide programs for family caregivers and their loved ones at no cost.

Presently, CarePartners collaborates with more than 75 different faith-based, nonprofit and business communities. Our significant impact is due to our partnerships and Care Team® model which mobilizes more than 2,500 volunteers annually. Collectively, our volunteer hours per year are in excess of 122,000 which is an estimated $3.1 million dollars in donated family caregiving hours. CarePartners is grateful for our partners who provide space, volunteers who dedicate their time and talents and supporters that invest and believe in our mission. As we continue to share the story of the great need for family caregiving and the astounding statistic that Alzheimer’s affects someone in our community every 66 seconds, CarePartners must build upon the momentum of raising funds from diverse sources and steward lasting relationships so that we can continue to serve family caregivers and their loved ones with memory loss and other challenges of aging.

We at CarePartners encourage you to join the Care Movement! Together, we can change lives for the better.