Partnership program gives family caregivers more access to local resources

Partnership program gives family caregivers more access to local resources

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We are very excited to announce our continued collaboration with Harris County Area Agency on Aging (HCAAA) to connect caregivers to available services and resources. The Gathering Place program has attracted the interest and financial support of the Area Agency on Aging by awarding us a contract to help support our Gathering Place program and caregivers needing respite.  The partnerships we value with churches, synagogues and other community-based organizations that provide financial support as well as incredible volunteers enable us to provide our 4 programs free of charge. Your participation in this program allows CarePartners to receive contractual funding and for you to receive additional caregiver support. We ask for you to consider participating in this project with HCAAA and have your loved one attend as many Gatherings as is helpful to you.  It is a win-win for you and CarePartners.

Who is eligible to participate?

  1. Caregivers residing in Harris County who are not already receiving federally funded HHSC (Health & Human Services Commission) respite or provider services and who do not have a paid caregiver at home are eligible to participate for a 6-month period.
  2. Anyone who is currently registered to a CarePartners Gathering Place program and all new referrals will have the option to participate.
  3. Once the 6-month period ends so will your HCAAA services, but you will continue to participate in the Gathering Place program as long as is helpful to you.

What is the process and how will this partnership benefit you?

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  1. Call HCAAA (832) 393-4301 to register to receive additional services provided by the Area Agency on Aging and to continue attending Gathering Place programs. You may even get registered to attend more Gathering Place programs to increase the number hours of respite you receive.
  2. Indicate you would like to register your loved one to attend CarePartners Gathering Place programs in Harris County through the Adult Daycare Services division.
    1. Again, if you are currently registered to attend one or more Gathering Place programs, that will continue, this is merely a formality to get you in their system to receive additional services and for CarePartners to receive funding from the contract.
  3. Once registration is complete, your HCAAA case worker will contact you monthly for the 6-month period as a resourceful check-in to ensure you are receiving the services for which you qualify. It’s imperative to maintain contact so that you stay active in the program. If communication between you and your HCAAA case worker ceases at any time, you will be removed from the program and CarePartners will not receive funding and you will not receive their benefits.


  1. By participating in this program, you will increase your access to additional caregiver services and support and hopefully empower you to better care for yourself and your loved one.
  2. Participating caregivers receive helpful information about how to navigate, identify and receive additional services such as in-home assistance, home delivered and congregate meals, Veterans community-based services, benefits counseling, legal, medical, dental, vision, home repair, incontinence supplies, transportation, etc.
  3. One of the goals of this project is to better support caregivers and hopefully extend the care of their loved one at home, rather than in costly facility care.
  4. There are a few HCAAA services that require income or medical eligibility (vision, dental, medical, financial, etc.), so they will ask for an estimated income range and the Medicare number for your loved one in order to connect you to all services for which you qualify. Without this information, they are unable to refer you to these types of services. This information remains confidential.

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What is the benefit to CarePartners? To offer CarePartners’ four core programs (Gathering Place, Second Family, Common Ground support groups and Caregiver Conferences) we must secure financial support from a variety of sources to provide our programs free of charge to all families served. We envision the contract received by HCAAA will allow us to increase the number of families served, increase the attendance at each Gathering and expand the number of available Gathering Place locations, as well as provide us with financial support.

We have limited availability for 50 caregivers to participate through 2020.